Route 91 Survivors Invite Jason Aldean Back to Vegas to Finish Set

A gift and a request.

Route 91 Survivors Invite Jason Aldean Back to Vegas to Finish Set

March 6, 2018 1:22 PM

(Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

A group of Route 91 survivors have put together a gift and a request for Jason Aldean, whose set was cut short due to the horrific tragedy that took place that night.

The group, which was started by survivor Tiffany Thomas, who created a Facebook group entitled, "58 Survivors 1 Last Set," which much like the Go Country 105 Route 91 Support Forum, brought together other survivors to talk about their experiences.

“After it happened, all I could think about was Jason Aldean,” Thomas told Las Vegas' 13 Action News.  “I kept thinking like he was up there, he was on that stage, he was singing for us.”

Along with another survivor in the group, Gina Kin, an idea came about to create a photo book featuring photos from the night before the incident took place.

The book ended up with 91-pages, and included not only photos, but memories of victims and even personal notes to Aldean.

The book is being sent to Aldean with a request, to come back to Las Vegas to finish his set from that night.

"I hope that when he opens it, he just sees that we love him and that we know what he's going through," said McKin who took the lead on creating the $300 book.

According to 13 Action News, Aldean's communication team is excited to see the book, but cannot say whether or not the singer will be able to come back to perform.

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